Human Development


Under the leadership of its Bishop, all pastoral services and developmental projects of the Vicariate are organized into departments- each of which is specialized in a certain field. Among these are: Health, Water, Famine Relief, Development, Education, Justice and Peace, and Women Development,

However the Comboni Missionaries work on the projects to empower the most Marginalized people in Ethiopia.

A/ Traditional commitment in the educational field will be fostered further by a gradual up-grading of the primary schools in some parishes. And we offer sponsorship to the most marginalized children and the youths.

The objectives towards this Project:

- To empower the marginalized children and youth with education so as to make them recognize their human right and dignity in the society.

- To assist the marginalized children to be able to access education countrywide. 

- To alleviate poverty among the marginalized communities.

B/ Care of youth in their school education and deepening of commitment in promotional

     Centre and in the infrastructures present in urban environment.

C/ Implementation of emergency programs in situations of extreme poverty spread of diseases

     and conditions of draught.

D/ Instruction programs on health education, human development, capacity building etc…

E/ Implementation of projects of micro-finance (cooperatives, small agricultural project and digging 

of bore-holes, latrines and other interventions of self-development).

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The Country

Unique among African countries, the ancient Ethiopian monarchy maintained its freedom from colonial rule with the exception of a short-lived Italian occupation from 1936-41. In 1974, a military junta, the Derg, deposed Emperor Haile SELASSIE (who had ruled since 1930) and established a socialist state.



The Ethiopian Catholic Church, formerly known as the Uniat Abyssinian Church, is a Metropolitan sui iuris Eastern particular Church within the Catholic Church. .




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